What products does your range currently include?

We currently have eight different sausages and one "Bratstück".
Our selection of sausages is made up as follows:
"No. 1 - The Smoked (Krakow style)"
"No. 2 - Steamed sausage (Lyon style)
"No. 3 - The Mild (Lyon style)"
"No. 4 - The Classic (Salami style)"
"No. 5 - The spicy one (salami style with coriander)"
"No. 6 - The spicy one (cabanossi style)"
"No. 7 - The BoWu (Viennese style)"
"No. 9 - The fiery one (Cabanossi style)" .

No. 8 - The Roast Piece" is also a vegetable piece of "meat" / "steak", which is ideal for frying in one piece for the pan or also serves as the basis for a delicious Gyros.

Are HERBASCH sausages all purely vegetable?

Yes, our entire range consists of 100% vegetable ingredients and raw materials. We attach great importance to the highest quality in all our ingredients. This means that our vegetable (w)sausages are not only perfect for omnivores, but also for vegetarians and vegans.

Are all sausages edible both cold and warm?

Each package of our eight different (W)ürste indicates how they are best prepared and taste. Most of our HERBASCH (W)ürste can be enjoyed both cold and hot. Sautéed in a pan or incorporated in a variety of recipes, they develop a completely different flavour.

How long can the sausages be kept refrigerated?

Depending on the variety, HERBASCH (sausages) can be kept in the refrigerator for several weeks to several months. Even packages that have already been opened can be kept in the refrigerator for several weeks - but should be stored in airtight packaging. It is important that the (W)ürste are not stored in the sun or without refrigeration. Then they will retain their flavour for a long time.

Can I serve the sausages to my children without hesitation?

Don't worry. There are no ingredients in our sausages that are incompatible or harmful for children. The sausages are free of preservatives and artificial additives. However, our "No.6 - Die Scharfe" and our "No. 9 - Die Feurige" will be a little too spicy for smaller children. It's best to taste them first and decide according to your own judgement.

My boyfriend wants to eat mostly plant-based food from now on, but really misses the taste of "real" sausage. Do the sausages taste similar to "original" sausages?

Yes, the taste of our sausages is quite comparable to the original - salami, Lyoner, Wiener, Cabanossi. Our salami in particular is often praised for its "authentic" taste.

Can HERBASCH sausages also be ordered if I don't live in Germany?

Our range has to be shipped chilled and should of course arrive in a chilled state. At the moment, we therefore only deliver within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Depending on where you live, however, we can always talk about individual shipping or exchange information about additional postage costs and options. We do not have a minimum order value.

I don't like to shop online. Do you have other partners who sell your sausages?

Yes, we also have retailers, small shops and health food stores that sell our HERBASCH (W)ürste:
- The Chickpea in Stuttgart,
- Twelve Monkeys,
- Vegankrams in Hamburg,
- Aunt Emma's Veganeria in Saarbrücken,
- Vegane Pampe e.V. (Dr. Pogo) in Berlin,
- Reformhaus Sieber in Marbach am Neckar,
- Reformhaus Maier in Heilbronn,
- Krümelküche, vegan café in Duisburg.
New partners can be found on our website.

I like it to taste rather mild and not particularly spicy. Which HERBASCH sausage do you recommend I try?

Our No. 2 - The Steamed Lyon Style and our No. 3 - The Mild are the best.

Why are the sausages themselves - in addition to the packaging - wrapped in an extra plastic film?

The so-called "outer packaging", i.e. the packaging directly around the (w)urst, is very important because it seals the (w)urst airtight. Without it, the sausages would "dry out" / "harden" relatively quickly and lose up to 10% of their weight and juiciness. The additional film keeps the freshness, taste and consistency at the same level. We are currently working on a more sustainable solution with the same function.

Can you give me some recipes for the processing/use of HERBASCH sausages?

We are currently working on compiling some creative recipes. You will also find them here on the website. Basically, no matter whether you fry them in a pan, cut them into small pieces for casseroles and soups or slice and chop them for a snack - our sausages are super flexible and offer very few limits in terms of preparation and possibilities.

I have already ordered from you several times. Is it possible to send back your packaging material or the refrigerated packaging?

If you don't have any other use for it, we will gladly take the refrigeration back.