No. 3 The mildness (Lyon style)


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Herbasch's "Die Milde" (engl. "The Mild") is a mildly spiced vegan sausage alternative which is based on a classic meat sausage "Lyoner Art". The bite like the "original", with classic sausage spices finely tuned, "Die Milde" is suitable for many uses.

As cold cuts, roasted or hot in the bun, always a delight.

Alternative made from vegetable protein.

Weight: 400 g



Delivery policy

Can be frozen.

Storage: +2°C to +6°C

After opening the package, please consume within 4 days.

Ingredients: Water, wheat protein, vegetable oil (coconut), soy protein, corn starch, spices, thickener: Irish moss, salt, natural flavors, smoke flavor, acidity regulator: ascorbic acid, spice extracts, natural dye: paprika concentrate, fenugreek extract, beetroot juice concentrate, iron oxides.

Best before date: 2 months


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400 g

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