copy of No. 9 The fiery (Cabanossi style)
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  • copy of No. 9 The fiery (Cabanossi style)
  • copy of No. 9 The fiery (Cabanossi style)
  • copy of No. 9 The fiery (Cabanossi style)

copy of No. 9 The fiery (Cabanossi style)


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Herbasch's "Die Scharfe" (engl. "The Hot") is a must for everyone who likes it spicy! As thin sausages which are extensively smoked cold and warm, they have a bite and taste which is normally only known from the "original" due to their drying and maturing time. A well-balanced recipe, the strong smoking and the long maturing time spawn sausages, which are in no way inferior to the Polish/Ukrainian cracker.

Alternative made from vegetable protein.

Weight: 120 g


Data sheet

300 Gramm

Can be frozen.

Storage: +2°C to +6°C

After opening the package, please consume within 4 days.

Ingredients: Water, wheat protein, vegetable oil (coconut), soya protein, corn starch, spices, salt, spice extracts, pea flour, thickener: cellulose gum, acidity regulator: calcium sulphate, natural flavours, natural dye: paprika concentrate, fenugreek extract, beetroot juice concentrate, iron oxides.

Best before date: 2 months

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