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With our new HERBASCH bundles, you have the opportunity to try three delicious varieties of HERBASCH sausage at once.

In this HERBASCH BUNDLE NUMBER 1 we combine for you our

- "HERBASCH - No. 4 - The classic (salami style)",

- "HERBASCH - No. 6 - The hot one (cabanossi style)" and

- "HERBASCH - No. 10 - The Wörstkais (Oscypek style)".


With this bundle, you not only get a lot of good taste, but also variety and spice at home. Our "No. 10 - Die Wörstkais" is one of our newest varieties.

Details of your bundle:

No. 4 - The Classic:
"The Classic" not only looks like the "Original" but also has a convincing aroma, texture and taste! Classic sausage spices, good beech smoke and a lot of craftsmanship revive the classic sausage, which is completely vegetable-based.

No. 6 - Die Scharfe:
"Die Scharfe" (engl. the spicy one) is a must for everyone who likes it spicy! As thin sausages which are elaborately cold and hot smoked, they have a bite and flavour due to their drying and maturing time, which is otherwise only known from the "original". A well-balanced recipe, the strong smoking and the long maturing time result in sausages that are in no way inferior to the Polish/Ukrainian Knacker.

No. 10 - The Wörstkais:
A homage to the original from the Tatra region is the Wörstkäis...but vegan, of course! All the typical flavours of the popular Oczypek can be found in this product. A subtle taste of sheep's cheese, a strong smoky flavour and a soft texture make Wörstkäise a cheese alternative that even Rübezahl would enjoy. As a cold cut, grilled or fried, served with cranberries...a delight!

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