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Bundle Nr. 2

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With our new HERBASCH bundles, you have the opportunity to try three delicious varieties of HERBASCH sausage at once.

In this HERBASCH BUNDLE NUMBER 2, we are combining for you our

- "HERBASCH - No. 4 - The classic (salami style)",

- "HERBASCH - No. 6 - The hot one (cabanossi style)" and

- "HERBASCH - No. 14 - Vegan pâté "Landart" - gluten-free".


With this bundle, you'll not only get a lot of good taste, but also variety and spice at home. Our "No. 14 - Vegan Pâté 'Landart'" is one of our newest products.

Details of your bundle:

No. 4 - The Classic:
"The classic" not only looks like the "original" but also convinces in smell, texture and taste! Classic sausage spices, good beech smoke and a lot of craftsmanship revive the classic sausage, which is completely vegetable-based.

No. 6 - Die Scharfe:
"Die Scharfe" (engl. the spicy one) is a must for everyone who likes it spicy! As thin sausages which are elaborately cold and hot smoked, they have a bite and flavour due to their drying and maturing time, which is otherwise only known from the "original". A well-balanced recipe, the strong smoking and the long maturing time result in sausages that are in no way inferior to the Polish/Ukrainian Knacker.

No. 14 - Vegan pâté "Landart":
One of our three new vegan pâtés from HERBASCH. The vegan pâté "Landart" is made on a pea protein basis and is the rustic version of our three pâtés. As the ideal complement to our other two vegan pâtés ("Pikant" and "Mexikanisch"), it is perfect for sourdough breads and sumptuous snacks. Our pies are all gluten-free. Consume refrigerated; not suitable for cooking; ideal as a spread and side dish for snacks.

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